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Contact Time Warner Cable Headquarters by Phone and Email:

Time Warner Cable Corporate Office Address:

60 Columbus Circle,

New York, NY 10023, United States

Time Warner Cable Corporate Office Number: +1-212-364-8200

Time Warner Cable Corporate Office Fax Number: +1-203-328-0604

Time Warner Cable Corporate Office Email: twc.cotp@twcable.com

About Time Warner Cable:

Time Warner Cable or TWC is completely called as Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC that operated as the subsidiary of Time Warner, Inc., and has been serving services for over four decades. TWC is mainly a cable telecommunication company and offering services like digital cable television, cable internet, digital phone, home security, cable advertising and several other services. The company has sales and services operations approximately 30 states in the United States. To know more about it you can check below mentioned important links.

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TWC High Speed Internet


TWC Phone Service

TWC Packages

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How to pay Bills

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Other Links:

TWC Company Overview

Terms and Policies


Website: www.timewarnercable.com

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Comments (49)

  1. Lawrence A Lavelle

    Your sales people are selling service’s that are NOT avalable in this area of Willard NC 28478 and I intend to contact the BBB and FCC to let them know you are fraudulently selling service’s that arnt available

    • I eant to get a class action suit againat TW* are you interested in hearing more about it well there’s not much more here except for their fraudulent practices billing and ripping people off also I’m planning on contacting the FCC and did call the president of Time Warner this evening and left a message on his voicemail and I’m hoping to see if I can get on the news are you interested my name is Jody

      • Pamela Mathews

        Im very interested they pulled a bait and switch on me. I spoke with the Presidents office they claim they would listen to recording and get back to me I still have not heard anything

      • Jackie

        I would be so so interested in waging this war with you. I’ve called and complained to my local TWC and haven’t gotten any resolution since April. I’m getting ready to call the corporate office now. What they promised me to lure me in, they never was able to give to me. Needless to say, they billed me $200, which I paid (even though I still had DirecTV) and since I canceled, I still have a $43 bill.

      • Jeja Pouncey

        Hi…I am interesting in joining your claim…I have requested form from the Attorney General—it came yesterday—I have had issues since December 2015. I work out of my home—I have all of their services….TV, (2) phone lines. internet, Intelligent home system. Everything goes out at the same time. They come out look at their little laptop and turn the signal on and off…..and they leave…. In March 2016 —-I was having major issues…..and when you call customer service—-Its like pouring bleach in your own eyes—“Lets try rebooting”–OMG—–If you are late with paying your bill they are quick to send a certified letter!!!!Some techs have come out and been very helpful…AT FIRST– continued having have issues—tech were out here twice a week for months. They have dug up the line 4 times. I have recorded all the TV’s with the bad perception—the digitized pictures— I begged and pleaded to TWC—to get my services fixed—-When I have issues….not being able to work I have to go to my tech dept—-they run a diagnostic—-they ran a report to show my connection speed for an entire year—it wasnt over 15 mps DL—AND I was paying for 50 mps—30.00 extra a month….I told a custr service rep tier 3—and he politely advise me—-IT WAS MY RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK MY SPEED—-SO I REQUEST A SERVICE…AND PAY FOR IT—AND I HAVE TO MONITOR TO MAKE SURE YOU GIVE IT TO ME??????—-After so many system issues—-I lost my job in April—I pleaded with TWC to do a new install–it fell on deaf ears—I was devastated–I was only watching one TV for 3 months and had decided to turn everything off and go back to the outside workforce and on July 28th…my job offered me another contract—as soon as I was using my phone line and internet and tv was on —-my services starting acting up again–I was also taking and certifying for another contract—-So last Thursday night I could not stay connected….phone line dropping calls (both lines)…Friday night…Saturday…now everyone around me has TWC—and no ISSUES—-its an ISOLATED ISSUE—-I got an email warning me about missing hours—I called and suggested AGAIN—they need to do an entire rewire of my home–I have been in my home almost 20 years—-and have used TWC….Direct…ATT…..and then 4 years ago came back to TWC—–NO ISSUES—–this started in December–I spoke with a TWC–The tier 3 custr service rep-Richard (after calling 6 times and the call dropping because my phones calls dropped—Do you think 1 of them called me back?—NOOO I had to go thru that entire system and tell this SAME STORY 1000000 times) set it up for Tuesday morning at 8am—HE SAID I AM PUTTING IN A TICKET FOR A COMPLETE REWIRE—THE SAME SUGGESTION IVE HAD FOR MONTHS—- Well—I called Monday because I wasnt able to complete my test and I “supposly spoke with a supervisor— who took down my issue–“Esculation” tried to get me an appoiment from dispatched but was ubale—gave me a case ID number and was told someone would follow up with me—-LMAO—yea right—anyway TUESDAY MORNING doorbell rings and its MR TWC and his hands are empty …mmmm….are you not suppose to be doing a COMPLETE new INSTALL??? HE SAYS NOPE!!!—I LOST IT—-I TOLD HIM MY ISSUE…..HE TOLD ME WHAT WAS HE SUPPOSE TO DO—-HE PLUGGED UP A NEW MODEM…..(NOW IF IT WAS JUST THE modem—DON’T YOU THINK I WOULD HAVE DRIVEN 2 MILES DOWN THE ROAD AND GOT A NEW ONE?—HE PLUGGED IT UP AND LEFT—ON HIS WAY OUT THE DOOR HE GAVE ME HIS SUPERVISOR NUMBER AND I HAVE BEEN CALLING THAT NUMBER NON STOP FOR 4 DAYS—-I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE AGAIN AND WAS TOLD THEY WILL BE HEAR ON SUNDAY—AND THATS HOW I CAME ACROSS THIS BLOG—-SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE—-SO WHATEVER I NEED TO DO IM—–FOX 8 WAS MY NEXT CONTACT

      • Connie Lewis

        I am very interested as well… We have been ripped offed repeatedly and after pay I Nguyen in full our services were disconnected and they fraudulently took 500.00 from my checking account… Imy ready to be a part of a class action lawsuit suit

        • kasey

          I am interested in joining the claim..I feel Time Warner is a very unprofessional bussiness.With customer service reps. That clearly are not trained properly.They are currently trying to scam me with bullying me to pay more money or else face shut off…

        • rose

          I want in on the class action suit these people drive me nuts

      • david garanich

        post the number to call..i try calling and get nothing..not even a machine…twc is a complete joke…

      • Debra cake

        Hell yes ! I agree ! Nc’ s TWC is corrupt ! Price changes without your knowledge , or consent . . Taking advantage because they are the only cable company in the area ! 170 for bullshit ! Twice as much as dish.

      • Brenda Pittman

        I am very interested. Every since I been with them I have had nothing but problems. First time I got TWC I had to have a serviceman come out 4 times before it started working properly, then I had channels that would not come on, they took $500.00 out my account and they were only suppose to take $300.00 and caused me to have overdraft fees on my account twice. I had to do the leg work to get it straightened out, I had to call someone to take me to the bank twice and I had to keep calling them to get it corrected. My bank had to email a statement showing that they indeed took too much out, mind you I am an elderly that is on oxygen. Then I called another payment in and it was not being deducted out of my account so I called them to see why they had not taken their payment the guy I talked with was VERY rude, they informed me that they had the wrong information and they could not pull it, so I informed them at that point in time that they read all the information back to me and it was correct what happened after that I don’t know, I believe he might have hit a wrong key or something then he accused me of giving the wrong information, which was NOT true, that had NEVER happened before, then they blocked me from making payments over the phone and with my disability I cannot get around good. At this point I am so angry with time warner, so I pray every month that I can get someone to go pay my bill. THERE NEEDS TO BE SOMEONE TO ATONE FOR THEIR ACTIONS. I AM FED UP….

    • rose

      when ever I call I get someone from India, or the Philippines or some god forsaken place that doesn’t understand English and they one called me stupid and a “bloody asshole”nice for a customer service rep to call someone this

  2. Jacquelyne

    Because of my busy lifestyle I did was not a cable subsriber for many years. Even so I heard many ‘horror stories’ about cable companies and there services. I never believed them. Until now. I became a subsriber and inherited my own nightmare. Time Warner Cable through its representatives mislead (in the worse way), make inproper paper trails so that the misrepresentation is not acknowleged. I found myself doing business with a company that billed my payments (credits) as debits and charged me late fees for the privilege. Promotions were offered, however when accepted, within a short about of time you realize your channel lineup has changed (taken away) and when you call to fix the problem, your only option is a new promotion for twice the previous one. I probably should have paid more attention to and put more faith in the consumer than in the (Time Warner Cable) company.

  3. Joseph Mckitrick

    They’ve stolen just over a 1000 bucks out of my girlfriend’s account, she has two kids and used her debit card 1 time to help me out,and now it happened 5 more times and faxed bank statements and all and there telling us that HER BANK IS SCAMMING HER I smell bull shit, so now we have went over them and we’ll see what’s going on!!!!!

  4. Tashi Short

    Since moving to NC I’ve had TWC. In every residence in the state I had cable The Triple Play, yet now I move to another town and I’m being told I owe close to $300.00! I am very adamant about paying my bills and not owing anyone, I’ve had TWC in every apt I rented how is it now I owe money? I’ve gone to the office gotten print outs of my services and payments and returns of equipment but I’m still being told I owe. I am now subjected to doing online classwork via the library or any wifi connection I can find because I refuse to pay money I DO NOT OWE. My situation was looked in to (supposedly) by someone named Heidi. ..and she was terribly RUDE! Telling me “well I’m looking in our system and you can’t get service until you pay it” no explanation of how I was able to connect services in all apts… without problem (because I don’t have a bill) but now there’s a bill. I am so going to get in touch with the corporate headquarters. It’s not about the amount of money it’s a imply that I am being called irresponsible and a liar. I do not appreciate that and I’m placed in an inconvenient situation because someone isn’t looking hard enough or doesn’t care.


    breenjeanne3@gmail.com As many customers are filing notice with BBB duet your poor service from customer reps, who lie, mislead ad do not stand by their word. Was given confirmation number for the year of 2016 in January. Have called and told a Supervisor would call me back. Did not happen. You either honor your word and keep customer or not. But the BBB here in Columbia, SC will be seeing me and I will let them now your word is worse nothing. Also have heard from other people ho they have been treated, I don’t like liars and that is what TWC is, SHAME on you. Either deal fair and honest or there are other companies who will. PLAN TO CALL CORPORATE WITH THIS SAME COMPLAINT.

  6. Rocky

    You guys cut off my Internet without our permission to do so. Here’s why. We was movingoing but the house wasn’t ours just yet. We didn’t tell anyone to turn off our services. One day coming home to get on my internet. It was off, I called to see why. They said they was transferring our service to the new house.I told them we do not have that house yet. Why dare u doing that without our permission? They responded that they don’t know. It was in there system. I asked to turn it back on at our old house. They said for a fee of $200 some dollars. WTF? Really? They the ones turned it off and I didn’t ask them to. Then was told that the other house the new one. Does have internet in that area. So when we got the house ya hook it up. But here’s the thing they lied about that to. There is no service in my area. Was told they was going to give me 50mbs for same price as the 20mbps for the inconvenience. Then they said they was going to upgrade my internet to 300maps from the moving department. And that u guys was going to put it out here. But nothing been done yet. Then I get a call from an engineeringredient department. I asked if there planning on getting internet out here like they promised us? He then yelled and cussed me out saying his exact words. If you want fuckiNguyen internet at ur house u have to cough up $95,000 for us to put the box out there and hook it up. I have never in my life felt disrespect and mistreated. I want to talk to someone in charge that can and will fix this. I’m trying to keep my cool, trying to be nice. But im tired of this bs. And sorry for cussing in this post. But that’s what he said. Someone please contact me asap over the phone. Email me for number please and thank u.

  7. Wanda Cannon

    After reading the other complaints that people are saying this is even more scarey. I am so disappointed in that you would go this far too hurt people. Thought I was the only one being used with tricks. And stealing of money from accounts.

  8. Maria

    I need to get a hold of home office.I need to dispute a bill n nobody pays attention!!

    • Marla wentz

      I have been a customer for 40 yrs and every month it’s a different amount, I even tried to go down to a lower rate by dropping channels and they wouldn’t do it. I don’t even watch past channel 51, But I can assure you I won’t get my blood pressure raised anymore. I’m looking for a new service I’m so over all the lies and poor service.

  9. Teara

    This company is full of shit. No other way to explain it. Will be switching companies within a week

  10. Barbara Massa

    I reluctantly switched from AT&TUverse to TW in order to be able to watch the Dodger games. TW paid over $8 BILLION to the Dodgers for the sole rights to show the Dodger games. Being a huge Dodger fan, but living in San Diego, I switched to TW. I made it very clear to the salesman and the installer the reason I was joining TW. Lo and behold after installation was complete, I learn that all Dodger games are blacked out in my area. I live about 100 miles from Dodger Stadium. No one at TW seemed to know about this, or care. So I’m going back to ATT.

  11. Milly Millz

    I called TWC to cancel my internet because #1. My service (which is the highest speed internet they have) would always lag/drop/disconnect. And we use more than 4 different types of devices in our home for Internet, and #2. Because of the lag/drop/disconnect with the highest speed of internet, I decided to find another internet provider that was less expensive and worked proficiently. So I called TWC and spoke with a young lady named Emeka. During our conversation with me telling her I wanted to cancel my account because of the 2 issues, she in turn was so eager to tell me about a promotion. I told her we had found rates cheaper than the $86 a month internet with just about the same speeds for $50 with another provider. She was talking so fast and not letting me get a word in edge-wise. I kept telling her to slow down and explain to me what she was trying to offer. Look I’m from the city, but I swear it felt like I was talking to city slicker that was trying to swindle me out of some money….and that she did. So she proceeds to tell me about an offer for existing customers only for the same Ultimate Internet package that we had for $30. And everyone knows, money talks and well you know the rest. So I said to her, Emeka, give me a total of my bill monthly for this service. She assured me nothing would change as far as my service except for the price. And again, I made her quote to me my next months bill. Again she said…..$30 a month for 12 months. I said ok, I will stay on with TWC for that reason only. I get home from work last night and open my mail…..oh she made sure that the $30 promotion was on my bill, along with another $49.99 promotion. Ok so at this point I’m steaming hot cause it’s midnight and of course you can’t speak with anyone because it’s passed normal business hours. So first thing I did when I woke up this morning was call TWC to address the situation. I get yet another fast talking city slicker on the phone and he has an accent. I’m repeating myself telling him could he repeat himself cause I can’t understand him. His name was Seyed. I’ve always gotten and written down the names of customer service reps for the simple fact that if I call you and you have all of my personal information then I want some information from you too. Seyed, smh…..I’m trying to tell him my situation because he is a representative for the billing department and in the middle of my complaint he talks over me and says I’m gonna transfer you to another department. I tell him no, I’m not done and before I could finish he transfers me. Now I’m trying to change my life and get right with God but, Seyed almost made me step up out my religion for a minute. So I took deep breath and a man named Shawn got on the line and he was pleasant and mannerable and actually listened to my complaint with concern. And with listening to all of that, Shawn apologizes and tells me that Seyed transferred me to the wrong department. But he still took the time to look up my account info and help me with some things and transferred me to the correct department, which was Customer Solutions (Emeka’s department). I spoke with yet another pleasant cust. rep named Jasmine who was patient in listening to everything. She went through my account and explained that the $30 was an upgrade to my already ultimate package and that basically Emeka made a mistake. Ok so it is what it is I don’t understand why or what Emeka upgraded me to but it basically was an extra $3 a month to my already high bill with lagging service. Jasmine said she would take my bill done to $75 a month and that’s the best she could do. I wrote all this mumble jumble to say this…..I feel like I got duped, deceived, tricked, hoodwinked, hoaxed, swindled, mislead, fooled….you get the picture. Even though she tricked me for an extra $3, I don’t like it one bit. I’m gonna call it like I see it and that’s stealing. And I believe that God sees the evil in TWC even if it was for $3! God just may pull the plug on that entire corporation. I don’t like the symbol they use for TWC anyways…looks too much like the eye of Horus (creeps me out). And then they have the nerve to offer me cable for $10 a month? Honey please!!! If TWC offered me cable for $1 a year a still wouldn’t take it because they’d probably still find a way to steal more money from me. I’m writing, not calling, not posting a status on FB, not emailing, not leaving a voicemail, not texting….I’m WRITING a letter and putting a stamp on it and mailing it to corporate headquarters the good old fashioned way, like when our parents generation got some real business taken care of by writing a letter of complaint to a company that may have misled them. And I got one more thing to say. Please believe when I say, I’m not being discriminative by also adding….Huge corporations and big companies. stop shipping OUR jobs overseas for the freaking tax breaks!!! You get these reps from other countries on the line and we can’t understand them and they are absolutely rude and impatient when weI can’t understand their broken English. Keep OUR jobs here in America where the unemployment rate needs to be maintained. I mean, geesh TWC, you’re already getting mo money and mo money, how much more do you freaking need? You can afford to pay our Americans the money when you trying to get an extra $3 out of me. No disrespect intended to other countries but shucks, it is what it is….we got our own problems here in America, we need all the money we can get…especially
    If you are a TWC customer.

    • TM

      I have now called 6 times and things are STILL not resolved! I love your writing and sure hope it makes its way to upper management inside the company. I have emailed corporate myself.

  12. Evan Welch

    WOW! I’ve been browsing through the posts and see a lot of unhappiness with TWC. My complaint has to do with the equipment. The folks that service me at the house are wonderful, hard working people that do know what they are doing. Hey, we pay a lot for the service! So, the DVR boxes that they install are never new and seem to fail much too quickly. I think the folks doing the refurbishing of these units when returned need to be better trained in proper repair. Having been a business founder and owner, I know what’s wrong with TWC. What TWC suffers from is poor organization and training, which means TWC has a LEADERSHIP problem. It all seems to stem from there. Been there, done that. I also know the benefit of a company that is ISO-9001 certified. This is a Quality Control system that really works, when properly installed, trained, thoroughly embraced (top to bottom) and practiced. I suppose, when TWC finally goes belly-up and after the finger-pointing ends, the folks at the top may correctly blame themselves for promoting a product/service with less regard for the Quality of what is sold and more regard for expanding profits. Sure, profits are important for a company to survive and renew itself, but without Customer Loyalty they can sit back and watch their own decline. No Customers….no business. Right? Wake up TWC! Learn to be the best at what you do and actually deliver it quickly. Your Customers will learn to love you. For me, I’m considering a change away from TWC. Sorry, but I think TWC has earned it.

  13. Gilberto Collin

    The reason I am reaching out to you is to inform you about the horrible customer service your sales associates have and the lack of information they give to the customer. I just recently moved from one area to another, and wasn’t informed about your policy on the account being reset once you move locations. The only way I found out about this was when I looked at my account and seen that I was billed twice for the month of July. I was billed the 8th and today the 25th. So once I called customer service today at 0955 and they told me about this policy and when I told them that it was complete non sense cause I wasn’t informed before I moved my service. They had no solution to the problem even after I talked to a supervisor. It’s not right that your sale associates do not inform the customers about the policy’s and I end up paying $115.48 in one month alone. If I was aware of that non sense policy I would have waited till Aug. to reactive the account so that I didn’t end up paying twice in one month. Cause here in a few days I will be paying another $64.99 in just a few days. I do understand that if your cancel the account then activate a new one it reset at that period in time but I know for a fact I never told your associates to cancel my account it should of been an easy process of moving my account from my old address to the new address and I would of only had to pay a fee of $19.99 only on my next payment. I will be waiting for an answer or solution to this or I’ll be moving onto another provider that cares about their customers.

  14. Not an idiot.

    I tried to resolve an issue called the main number a very nice sales associate give me another number to call. When I called there I was rudely interrupted upon giving the necessary info and told I had the wrong department I asked what department they were because they answered the phone with the exact name of what I was looking for. They said they could not tell me! I said you aren’t the FBi you are a private corporation, you can absolutely tell me the department you are, wth? I need to know if I am in the right place, the woman said I can give you the right number, I said how can you give me the right number? You didn’t let me finish telling you what I needed. I will call the corporate headquarters if I have to. Puhleez with this.

  15. v

    The worst service ever. Monopolizing the cable and internet service in the Coachella Valley. We really have no choice but to use this company. Its stressful, the CSR are not trained well enough to answer phones let alone handle any situation. The supervisors dont care on bit and do not try in any way to resolve a situation. From going to a payment center to calling customer service.. its a nightmare and should take up most of the day.

  16. v

    The worst service ever. Monopolizing the cable and internet service in the Coachella Valley. We really have no choice but to use this company. Its stressful, the CSR are not trained well enough to answer phones let alone handle any situation. The supervisors dont care one bit and do not try in any way to resolve a situation. From going to a payment center to calling customer service.. its a nightmare and should take up most of the day.

  17. I switched to twc within a promotion of a visa for switching when i originally switched i specifically went thru all of the requirements to fully appy as well as recieve the promotional offer i paid a total of two bills with twc prior to install i paid yet another bill the next month and at these same payments i as well was subjected to paying to contract PAYMENT that was one of the reasons it was ok to switch the visa would total 300 according to twc i paid my entire bills with both companys for over five months now finally being able to opt out of the contract that i originally had i was charged an opt out fee .. so in all i orderd service that is actually three times the amount i was paying (offering me more services) i also have no options but to pay one company has a hold on credit due to contract and twc is needed to continue my original services i have recived nothing but bills from twc i continue to call i was told to fax/upload/email my last bill from other company did all three as well went into twc had cus.service copy and paste to my account t the actual company no visa i call back oh even though i have paid to date a total of five twc bills three prior contract and a cancellation fee and was told i had to wait for first payment then thirty days of service then someone would contact me then was told three months i am aproaching month six a total of six monts of service and sixth actual full payment to twc i recieve nothing i m givin a run around period i followed all the obligations of the consumer and still am told somone would call i would recieve mail fax contact all or email disputes or billing or the promotional dept. I have followed all of tye guidelines and in all am not recieving what i was offered (visa ) i am charged three times the amount i was paying when told switch and save i am charged for channels that i cannot recieve within a five total five city blocks apart has way more channels on line up for same company same service and i pay more then they do with less services not only was i bamboozled i am also stuck with the loss and continue loss while indeal with this company i called called emailed faxed personally visited and waited all ways that twc uses not to honor their part i was sure to avoid i securly placed all info in the hands of twc i put faith and trust in the tech. ( whom are rude under trained and over worked or a contracter who careless about anything other then extra fees to place cords originally ordered where needed to use service ) this company has done more then lie misrepresent and the total disrespect and disregard to the consumer is shameful . The people that are employed forget that my subscription my payments are helping and or part of thier actual wages the total disregard we as customers paying Customers are recieving is strange but true … instead of not honoring the promotions or charging useless or over bearing charges that do not inline the actual consumers request or what was told offered and agreed to by twc its not fair that te people who work there are not human enough or are instructed to deny or complicate the situations where inorder to get te customer to leave rhe compny occuring credit problems twc has policies

  18. Elvira Mendoza

    Dear Time Warner-

    I am at my wit’s end with you!!! I find TW to be an unprofessional and unscrupulous company – shame on you!!!

    As I write this comment, I continue to be shuffled from one customer rep to another, from one “supervisor” to another, all to no avail. It is quite apparent that this is your procedure for dealing with customers who have a legitimate grievance with your products and services.
    The Office of the President is a cruel and annoying “joke”.

    Would you please call me at (818) 621-5361 to discuss this matter.

    In early June 2016 I was bombarded with marketing literature from your VP of Marketing (Marisol Martinez, enticing new customers to make the switch to TW. Sadly, I fell into the trap – yes a $300 gift card was the incentive.

    I was told my old phone number would be “ported” to the new provider – TW. BS!!!
    After the technician installed the hardware, he instructed me to call the TW office to “port” the number. (I was puzzled then.) The next day Ronnie (of the Phillipines) OP ID: V30 stated she would call me back to rectify the issue. She “promised” that she would return my call by 7/13/16. She never did!!! A few days later, Sonya (in the Ontario, CA) office kindly informed me that that my old number could NOT, could NEVER, EVER be ported over. She forwarded me to her Supervisor (Manny OP ID: ANO) who ‘promised’ me that he would call me by 8/9/16 to right his issue. He never called me back. A few days later I connected with Chrystal (OP ID: 6RT)and she was nice but could not offer me any solutions. She connected me with Shay of Colorado (another nice guy with no authority.) Shay instructed me to connect with the Office of the President
    Getting to a live person was miraculous. Eventually I connected with “Ricky”. While a nice guy, Ricky clearly drinks the TW kool-aid. (Sad, what some have to do for a pay check.) In short, all Ricky did was gave me an address to legal and told me for all legal matters, that my attorney would have to contact the TW attorney.

    I am baffled that here we are – in the greatest country in the world, in the 21st century and TW practices in such an unscrupulous manner.
    Next steps – take TW to Small Claims Court; chat and find a few more who have been swindled by TW and file a Class Action.
    Post, yelp, facebook, chat, snapchat, twitter, talk to anyone…about how effed up TW is when it boils down to doing the ‘right thing’. TW are greedy effers and it’s not right to “eff over” the hard-working people of the USA.

    Vera VMendoza411@aol.com
    Thank you for allowing me to share my unfortunate experience with TW.

    • lorrie benson

      I totally agree. I should sue them for not putting silicone in the old holes and having my home invaded by water and insects! There is no one who truly cares abouth the TWC reputation that works for their company to assist their consumers. Hopefully they go out of business by a caring company

    • rachel

      They never call back. I have electronic pay from my bank and although the bank sends it over two weeks before it’s due they don’t receive it until after the due date so I’m charged a late fee. Talked to numerous people who are going to get to the bottom of it and call me back. They never do.

  19. TIMOTHY Amos

    We pay our bills on time Everytime it do then they said we still owe 143and some change they even told us get double charge on the phone.

  20. lorrie benson

    I have documentation through my phone company of having waited 3hr and 42 minutes without any reassurance at TWC. After being outraged and coming to talk with an assistant to the president he took the customer service side and said he use to work that job and it is hard and I needed to understand. Of course this didnt sit well. I paid the bill in question yet today my phone number has been deleted from the record banks altogether. I believe this is to prevent me to contact and report his unethical behavior. This workers must really be pressed for power and bored. Please hire someone who can forget their PTSD and just be matter of fact.

  21. Carol

    I am very disappointed with Time Warner. I have been a customer for over 40 years and they keep raising my rates. I don’t keep getting raises like they do. But I am looking for another company to provide for us. I have talked to many supervisors and no one can help me get my right back to 137.97 dollars. Every 6 months to a year they keep raising my rates. And no one will help

  22. KJ

    I want to join the class action law suit! TWC is a damn joke,,,

  23. Sherry Seiler Toney

    My issue is strange but true and sounds like it goes along with the current customer service that previous people have received. My families own a private Texas Historical Cemetery in Schertz, Texas. It has numerous graves from the 1800’s. many years ago when it was established, there were no homes around it, it was in a large field. Since then it was built up with homes and businesses. Recently, A large Time Warner truck came on to the property without permission and I suppose added cables or something to a residence. Another residence, informed us about the truck. There was considerable damage done to our fence and several graves. We have tried many times since August to contact someone at Time Warner. There has been a police report filed with the City of Schertz Police Department and the Texas Historical cemetery Associatin. I am trying another time to contact you. Please send me a response as soon as possible. We have had several attorneys contact us .

  24. TWC is one of the best companies to take your money and give you heart ache and then maybe thoughts of revenge.If anyone has a action lawsuit going on call me and let me join. No country has television like this and I have lived in several. Every month my bell is different. It has gone from $71.76 to over 196.00. Same service. For shame. How can they sleep at night. Saw on tv that some of the marketers make $70.00 a year. Why do we never see under cover boss?

  25. james gormley

    nov 2,2016
    my cable//tv picture keeps breaking up//freezing up
    i had a tech come to my apt.told me problem coming from the telephone pole into apt. bldg
    and he gives me a plant job work order number.this occurred oct 28 2016.
    for some reason time warner sends another tech to my apt on nov 1,2016. y
    tries to tell me no more problems..later the same day both my cable boxes and tv’s are on and picture on tv screen becomes distorted..
    when i call again this morning nov 2.. and i speak to a supervisor
    she has the gall to ask me how old my tv are…
    what kind of nonsense is this..
    time warner refuses to send out maintainence trucks to work on connections located on telephone pole..
    its time we get a congressman involved and bring Time warner cable back down a notch or two..their prices continue to go up & their service sucks..
    time warner needs to make a watch dog committee to stop these techs from writing up bull shit & lies,,when they are sent out to repair problems out in the fields..

  26. I see your site needs some fresh content. Writing manually is time consuming, but there is tool for this task.
    Just search for; Digitalpoilo’s tools

  27. For 1 1/2 years I have complained about cable theft from the person in the apartment below me. These past 6 months have been horrific. These people have gone INTO the walls through a co-axial and have complete control of my cable line, cable box and remotes. He literally hooks into my cable the minute I turn it on, changes channels, watches movies on demand, etc. I have been called by authorities crazy. I have been told that I am seeing things. Two supervisors were on the phone with me this week at the same time saying I don’t know how to work the remotes. I have done research and now find that it is in fact possible for these people to go into the walls of an apartment complex and hook into the cable of another apartment in order to gain service from someone else. Yet, I am told I am the person in the wrong.

  28. David B

    I like how this company does not stand by the agreements they offer and set up with their customers. I had a verbal agreement to take care of a payment on my account and then after I set up the automatic payments. I am then told that I have to pay more then what I was told by this company. This company has become a shady company that dosent seem to care about their customers or standing by what they say and offer. I will file a complaint with the BBB and will see what legal actions I am untitled to take. Cause to me I had a verbal contract with the company and once they get their. Money want to change the status of the agreement.

  29. Simona Waters

    Time Warner employs a bunch of incompetent people. I have been on the phone with them all day and still haven’t gotten anywhere. This is just so ridiculous. Everyone that I have spoken with has been rude and I still haven’t resolved my issues!! I’m sick of hearing this music in the background. I’m sucking of dealing with woolen with a GED.

  30. Simona Waters

    Time Warner employs a bunch of incompetent people. I have been on the phone with them all day and still haven’t gotten anywhere. This is just so ridiculous. Everyone that I have spoken with has been rude and I still haven’t resolved my issues!! I’m sick of hearing this music in the background

  31. Jonas

    I called last week after they had billed my account twice in one month. They tried to give me a credit which i had refused and wanted the amount refunded back onto my card which they said they can do. (had to wait 3-5 days but thats normal) I waited the time they said to wait plus some and no refund. Called back and got the worst customer service response i have ever heard in my life. They had refunded MY money to someone else’s card and then proceeded to tell me the only way i can get my money back is if i track down this other person and get it from THEM! .. Are you kidding me?!?! That was there response. Basically its ok that i paid for my monthly service twice but they wont refund me or help me in any way. Been a customer for over 8 years. Highly frustrated with this service. I have never been shocked by a response or lack of help like i have today. Complete Bullshit.

  32. Bill byrd

    They have taken away channels ive had for years and tell me if i want them back ill have to pay more money.also i dont work for this company so why do i have to go to offices and stand in line for hours only to be handed boxs and bags of equipment and have to install them myself.i pay yor service and im not getting it.if thete is going to be a law suit i want in.these companys must learn they cannot offer services and not deliver.myself and lots of other people are payong way to much and the c
    C.orporate big wigs are grtting richer.

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