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Apple Customer Service Number, Sales Support Number, Email– toll free helpline number, and with reviews and all other important information is available here.As this post we are here to provide you information about Apple products and services, operations and several other things. Apple customer support team also helps you to find Apple offices spread all over the world.

Here, we are providing all important information like how to contact Apple customer service department, how to get Apple customer care support, etc. We are here providing information something through this post and something through external links. You can find here Apple customer care phone number and contact details, Apple customer service Email, Apple customer service helpline number, etc.

How to contact Apple Customer Support Team

The customer support team is available to help you all time, you can get customer support through several ways including email, phone number, community fourm, as well as FAQ section. You can use any one option for your any type of query, complaint and feedback.

Contact Apple Customer Care by Phone:

Please note the provided all customer service numbers here may be toll free or not.

Apple Technical Customer Support Numbers:

Here, we have collected all technical support queries related customer service numbers.

Apple iPad Technical Support Number: +1-800-275-2273 (also for Mac and iPod)

Apple iPhone Technical Support Number: +1-800-694-7466

Apple Technical Support Number for Hearing or vision impaired:


Apple Sales Support Numbers:

Here, we have collected all sales support queries related customer service numbers.

Apple Online Store Helpline Number:

+1-800-692-7753, available seven days a week from 04:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Apple Business Helpline Number:

+1-800-854-3680, for any kind of business products related sales information

+1-877-412-7753, for Enterprise and Government Sales related information

Apple Education Helpline Number:

+1-800-692-7753, for students and teachers

+1-800-800-2775, for education institutions

+1-800-780-5009, sales related

Additional Numbers:

Apple Media Helpline Number: +1-408-974-2042

Apple Software Upgrade Helpline Number: +1-888-840-8433

Contact Apple Customer Care by Email:

Apple Customer Email Suppot:

Apple iTunes Customer Suppot:

Apple Corporate HQ Address and Contact Details

Important Links of Apple:

If there is not that link which you want so please visit the official website.

Apple Official Website:

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2 Responses to Apple Customer Service Number, Sales Support Number, Email

  1. M Suárez says:

    March 9th, 2016

    Apple Customer Service

    I am writing to express my dissatisfaction about the faulty mobile phone that I purchased in July 2015 in one of your California stores. My family and I have been loyal customers of yours for the last 6 years and have successfully made many purchases over the years. Unfortunately, this time I am absolutely annoyed and dissatisfied with the service you have provided.

    The mobile phone I bought was one of the latest models, the IPhone 6 Plus. However, after six months of using it, all of a sudden it stopped working.
    I would have never thought that a phone which is supposed to have such high-technology features, and a warranty backing it up, would stop working so soon. The only explanation I can find is that I must have been sold a refurbished one or second-hand one while I was charged for a brand new IPhone.

    A week ago, I went to one of your stores in Miami, at Aventura Mall, and spoke first with one of the members of the staff. He asked me if the device had been opened to which I answered that it hadn’t as it is still under warranty and nobody in their right senses would even dream of opening a defective IPhone. They told me to leave it there for them to check it and see whether it could be repaired, otherwise they would replace it.

    They called me back two days ago to tell me that Apple would not take responsibility for the IPhone since, according to them, the phone had been opened and some components were missing. I had specifically made it very clear that the phone had never been opened by anyone before I left it in the store. The only ones who must have opened it are the ones who checked the phone at the Miami store.

    Not only are they making me responsible for something that never happened, but also the manager at the store told me that Apple would not do anything neither to repair nor to replace the defective device and if I wanted an IPhone I should buy another one.

    Under no circumstance will I accept this kind of treatment. I left a defective but untouched phone for repair or replacement and now I am being accused of having opened it before taking it to the store, to which I can only answer that I am holding responsible for all this issue the technician who opened the device at the store. Nobody at the store offered to open the Iphone in front of me to check that all the components were in place so I can also suspect I was sold a phone with missing parts in the first place and that was the reason why it failed only 6 months after purchasing it.

    I’m holding Apple responsible for all the trouble this situation has caused me, especially considering the phone is a tool I use to work and have been deprived from it due to defective merchandise you are selling and now I have to put up with an outrageous accusation that someone is using in order not to comply with the warranty terms.

    It is the company’s duty to replace the phone with a well-functioning one as covered by the corresponding warranty. If replacement for the same type of unit and model is not available, I want to be refunded the purchase price in full. Otherwise, I will take this claim to the United States Federal Trade Commission and will start legal actions against Apple.

    M. Suárez

  2. Kathi Julio says:

    Around April 18, 2016 I had an Apple Laptop delivered to my house. I did not order it so I notified an Apple representative (Lisa Veller) from the return department. She had me ship it back. I started receiving emails from Barclay Bank (which I thought were junk mail so I didn’t bother to read them. However, several weeks later when they continued to be sent to me I did read one and it wanted to know how I liked my new Visa Card. WHAT !!! I never applied for a card from them so I called them and they said it was probably Identity Theft and they would research it. In July Barclay sent me a letter saying the account was valid and I was responsible for $4,000 which I believe was approved online. I filed a report with the FTC, Police Department and sent Barclay all of it via USPS priority mail with a required signature. An attempt was made to deliver it but it was never accepted. Meanwhile I keep getting calls from Barclays for payment. They come through my landline which we use for garbage calls and I refuse to answer them or use my cell to call them. SO, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE CREDIT THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN APPLIED TO THAT ACCOUNT ANYWAY? I think someone at Apple or Barclays is responsible for stealing my identity. The box it came in had no invoice in it. Finally, I am a 70 year old disabled woman with severe chronic back pain. This situation aggravates my disability and I am only able to take care of a few situations a week. Oh yes, I did purchase Identity Theft Insurance which costs me $20 a month. Barclays wants $34 a month. If this account was mine why wouldn’t I just pay $34 after all it is only $14 more. I am so upset that I would never buy from Apple and I plan to disclose this scam on social media, contact the Attorney Generals Office and if I can file a lawsuit against Apple and Barclays.

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