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ARAMARK Corporation is shortly called as Aramark, is an America based provider of food service, facilities, and uniform services. The company provides services to clients in education, healthcare, business, corrections, and leisure fields. Aramark has head office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and through subsidiaries its business is spread across the United States, Canada, and 20 other major countries. For complete details about the ARAMARK Corporation business, please visit at the official website of ARAMARK Corporation.

If you are searching ARAMARK Corporation headquarters, ARAMARK Corporation customer service helpline number or ARAMARK Corporation toll free phone number and 24 hours customer care helpline number of ARAMARK Corporation. So, here we are sharing the full contact information of ARAMARK Corporation headquarters and customer service department provided by ARAMARK Corporation. You can check below.

ARAMARK Corporation Customer Service Contact Details

ARAMARK Corporation provides best customer support and services to the users with the help of its well-trained representatives at customer service or ARAMARK Corporation corporate headquarters office address. For any support information and service request enquiries, complaints, feedback or suggestions of ARAMARK Corporation, the customers can contact at the following contact details:

ARAMARK Corporation Customer Service Helpline Number

  • +1-215-238-3333 (main switchboard)
  • +1-877-224-0411 for employee concerns, complete an anonymous report
  • +1-800-388-3300 Uniform and Supplies Purchases

You can contact with ARAMARK Corporation customer care service representatives by toll free or non-toll free numbers listed above.

ARAMARK Corporation Customer Support Email ID:

ARAMARK Corporation Headquarters Contact Details

  • ARAMARK Corporation Address: 1101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, United States
  • ARAMARK Corporation Phone Number: +1-215-238-3000
  • ARAMARK Corporation Fax Number: +1-215-238-3333
  • ARAMARK Corporation Email ID: NA

ARAMARK Corporation Official Website: is sharing the all details and information of ARAMARK Corporation headquarters HQ office address and ARAMARK Corporation customer service phone number and other contact details with official web page. You can easily get the contact information and customer care support numbers from the ARAMARK Corporation.

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  1. Mary Ronan, one of the managers at700 commonwealth avenue Boston Mass is a very rude,disrespectful, inconsiderate and most importantly racist. I say this because of in Septemberof this year we were all warned during premeal tgat we woulf be written up if we were tardy for our work schedule , then after saying this she went directly to the only white employee at the premeal Ethan and told him that this does not apply to him and he has nothing to worry about. My colleague’s and i asked him if what we just heard was correct and he replied by saying yes and it made him feel uncomfortable also.She treats and speaks to people as if she is running a modern day slave camp the employees of Warren towers are tired of being treated like this and are willing to walk out if she is not removed immediately. She says what she want to and constantly threatings us with WRITE ups , we feel unjustified and would like a outside investigation to take place , our HR stands behinds her as if he is scared of her himself he is not for justice what so ever and honestly he to should be removed from his position also .It is like were all walking on eggshells and continue to work in a uncomfortable work area . When we speak up were reprimanded with write ups and slight threats as to losing our position which makes us in fear in this atmosphere. Please consider this matter serious . We have made many complaints about this individual and nothing has been done about it. Our HR John Zilas has even said look when u complain to corporate it comes to me , and basically you are wasting your time because she is staying point blank. We find that bias and very unprofessional . It is bad enough that there is no manager of color on the premises during the day time which makes us feel even more unjustified . Its not just her who speaks to us like this we are ready to bring in our own investigative team and go to the media with this it is not right to feel oppressed especially during the times of today . My colleague’s are willing to perform a walk out if this matter isn’t resolved . How can we perform a warm friendly environment for our students when we are being treated in such a hostile environment the two just dont coincide with each other. Even the executive chef has done some very unprofessional thing’s as to cussing at employee’s, storming out during premeal kicking doors when no one would answer a question that was asked to us this is just to much to have in a professional dining service . He has called one of my colleague’s out of his name on two occasions and my colleague is scared to come forward with it , in fear of losing his job it’s just horrific.

    Aramark you have some very dedicated, reliable , trustworthy employees who wish to continue working for your company please consider this situation a serious matter thank you for listening to us . Aramark Employees.

  2. Greetings

    I don’t know the level of your involvement with the training and hiring of maintenance personnel, but I would like to share with you my prospective, or maybe you could pass this along. Currently, WCTC has the only program geared toward producing facility maintenance technicians in this area. MATC giving up on their Facilities Maintenance program a year ago, and Gateway having a program more geared toward housekeeping personnel. Healthcare has alerted our program to a coming crisis whereby 80% of their facilities personnel will be retiring in the next 5 years. The hope of a revitalized manufacturing environment in southeast Wisconsin has already affected the route students are taking. This will put pressure on all companies and municipalities who employ facility technicians. The sad truth is that enrollments in programs like mine are way down partially due to population shifts and also due to an abundance of unskilled jobs for young people throughout the state (i.e. the 20 hr. part time job at Menards and the like). One of the larger maintenance contractors in the area has already directed people who are seeking employment to the facilities maintenance program at WCTC for later consideration for hiring. Healthcare has sent current employees in facility maintenance for training as well.

    Here is how I explain the Facility Maintenance 1 Year program at WCTC.
    You know about smart phones, – what about smart buildings?
    There is an exciting option for graduating high school students. The Facilities Maintenance program at WCTC is a one year technical diploma program. Salaries are +$17/hour to start with healthcare and pension benefits. Employers have been very motivated in seeking out our students. Within 5 years a worker turnover of 80% due to retirements is predicted for facilities maintenance personnel in healthcare. Additionally, there is the constant expansion of healthcare facilities that provides even more demand.
    So why not just go directly to a 4 year college?
    A student’s 9 month investment in time results in employment that not only provides the funds to pay for college, but is in itself a career path toward management of properties some worth in the 100s of millions of dollars. These are the smart buildings that have highly intelligent integrated building systems. They include hospitals, office towers, shopping centers, industrial properties and residential. Facilities jobs are everywhere!
    Working through government grants with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and the Best Center in San Francisco to improve facilities personnel training, we look forward to a new certification for High Performance Building Operators. Our federal government has recognized the need for trained personnel to operate these new buildings.
    I also instruct for a Master’s program in Facility Management for U. of Mass., and have published a textbook “Sustainable Facility Management – Operational Strategies for Today” Pearson (2014). So I’m quite confident in these claims. In fact, the facilities maintenance program has two courses that MSOE will give the student credit for should they wish to transfer into their highly regarded construction management program.
    Biggest challenge is getting the word out and making parents understand that this is not janitorial work – it is the start of a challenging career. It is especially great for someone who is active, likes variety of job tasks like plumbing, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, landscaping carpentry and computers.
    The Wisconsin Healthcare Engineering Association is in the early process of providing scholarships.

    A link to the program with a short video . The video provides info about the program and a testimonial from one very successful student.

    Next cohorts are starting in January 2018 and August 2018

    Note – Just had a student get offered a job at a local hospital for $19.35 per hour and they will let him complete the program!

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