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How to contact Facebook UK Customer Service Team

The head office team is avaialble to help you every time, you can get customer support through several ways including visit at office, phone number, email, as well as FAQ section. You can use any one option for your any type of query, complaint and feedback.

Contact Details of Facebook UK Customer Service Department by phone:

Facebook UK Customer Care Toll Free Number: 0911-755-0408

Facebook UK Customer Care Non Toll Free Number: 0843-013-0050

Facebook UK Customer Support by Mail:

info@facebook.com or appeals@facebook.com, for any kind of information

abuse@facebook.com, for handling disabled profiles

disabled@facebook.com, for questions about disable/suspended accounts

Important Links of Facebook:

Facebook Help Center, the help center will help you all kind of issues related to Facebook. You can help here in manager your password, report an issue, how to make a FB page, reach more people, etc.

Help Community

Complaint Center




Website: www.facebook.com

To get whole contact details of Facebook UK Corporate Headquarters, Click here…

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12 thoughts on “Facebook UK Customer Service Number, Office Address, Email Support

  1. Please can Leila Woodington, Head of Marketing at Facebook UK in London, United Kingdom.

    Call me on +44 (0) 1179 304 927.. This so important to the British Public Service.. Plus more.

    I look forward to a swift response today please ( not being pushy just.. excited)

    KR – Martin.


    • Face book as loses my account as that say it’s a fake account wene it’s not iv send all my ID passport driving lisence birth sitificat and thay saying its not good Inuff ID.. Are thay having a joke or Whot 1 week iv been trying naw.

  3. I have been blocked from Facebook for 72 hours because of a comment I made on someone’s post. The comment was neither abusive or offensive and the complaint was made through malice by an ex-member of a Facebook forum that I admin. Could you please review the complaint as it would be clear that there’s nothing offensive in it. Thank you.

    • Cant get into my Facebook as forgotten my password and can’t change my password coz im changed my phone and can’t get the SMS message with code to change my password and my email is not working that’s on my Facebook but i have a new email that i can use please halp me

  4. Facebook have blocked me for aparently being underage even though ive sent my id to them they are saying im under 13 and im not im 26 and want my facebook back!

  5. Facebook you have been illegally removing and stealing cash from my bank account for sometime without making any explanations

    I have never subscribed to any of your services yet you have continuously removed large amounts of cash from my account,

    It seems strange that such a large company as this has no active genuine call centre contact number or staff to respond ,

    As for the cash you have stolen from me I demand a full refund with immediate effect

  6. Someone has tried to open an account useing phone number. How do I stop this please? I have tried sending sms to the UK code but it just keeps coming back to me saying sms failed and I’ve been charged for seding.

  7. Been blocked ive changed my password but it keep coming up saying u trid to many times plz try later why why later even tho I forgot my password and changed it to a new one u still wont let me into my facebook account and blocking people just because they cant remember there password stupid tbf ur a bad service u need to chamge this blocking thing I mean id for facebook really I mean people now days get hacked every single down instead of blocking them block the websites of the hacks ans stuff so plz take the block off my account as im very angry with this issue….

  8. My account been disabled 72hrs ago send Facebook what they gave asked for and I can’t get into my account still.
    Please help me get this sorted

  9. Help I can’t sign in to my facebook account it keeps telling me to sign into my Gmail account but thus didn’t help

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