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How to contact GEICO Insurance Corporate Customer Support Team

The customer support team is available to help you all time, you can get customer support through several ways including email, phone number, as well as FAQ section. You can use any one option for your any type of query, complaint and feedback.

Contact GEICO Insurance Corporate Head Office by Address and Phone:

GEICO Insurance Head Office Address:

5260 Western Avenue,

Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815, United States

GEICO Insurance Head Office Phone Number: +1-301-986-3880

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GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company that is an insuranse service provide company in and out of the United States for over years. It has second place in the US insurance industry behind State Farm. The company came into sector in 1936 and started business from Fort Worth, Texas. What Offers GEICO Insurance Company: GEICO is mainly know more auto insurance products, but in addition it also provides other insurance products like Motorcycle, Boat, Business, Collector Auto, Commercial Auto, Condo/Co-Op Insurance, Life, Mobile Home, Ridesharing, RV, etc. For more details about GEICO Insurance Insurance and its products and services, you check below mention links and official website.

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4 Responses to GEICO Insurance Corporate Headquarters Address, Phone Number, Email

  1. Paul Murray says:

    To: GEICO Insurance Company Florida District and Corporate Office
    From: Paul Murray
    Re: Claim Number 0509528980101048-01
    Date: April 15, 2016

    Not sure where to start, I just turned 60 years old but I still have my mind and no loss of hearing, yet. I had Allstate for over 35 years and in all those years I had never been jerked around nearly as much as dealing with GEICO. for just (3) claims, (2) I submitted and (1) was a commercial client who backed into me.

    But, in all the years of dealing with insurance companies, Even when I worked daily estimating vehicle damage for my job, I’ve never been so unhappy with any of them except one other and yours! GEICO constantly tries to screw me out of delivering a quality claim by either not doing your job or trying to make me pay for damage under Collision Coverage or illustrating a very poor appraisal and then a payment. So here’s a little history if you missed it the first time

    My first claim; Traveling to the Florida Keys, I blew a tire on my camper and the tire damaged the right rear side of my camper. At first, the GEICO (phone agent) told me the damage would fall under my collision coverage. I said Huh? and after some more discussion she then told me it would fall under my comprehensive coverage and this was around April 26, 2015. On May 5, adjuster Scott Ludlow estimated my camper and cut me a check for $1192.48 after my deductible. This actually went very well.

    My second Claim (Incident, not my fault), a GEICO commercial client backed into me at a Home Depot. Now this was not my fault but a GEICO rep. called me and told me yes the accident was not my fault but to expedite the repair, I could file it under my collision coverage. I said, “What! This was not my fault and I’m not biting the bullet for $500.00 when someone else was at fault. “She quickly said O.K. Thanks Mr. Murray and hung up.”

    Now my third claim; My camper has never been off pavement until now. I left the Keys around the end of February and stopped in Miami for a couple of days, then onto the KOA in Mims/Titusville for a week, Murray Family Campground for a night, Blue Springs State Park for a night, then on to the Osceola US Forest in Lake City Florida, where I am now. THis campground is about 4 miles off the highway on a dirt road.

    I noticed in either Miami or in Mims that a small crack had started in the right corner of the rear camper skin. I figured Oh well, a small cosmetic crack, so I put some silicone sealer to keep the rain out when I get to my final destination. Then when I landed here in the forest, I walked back to see if I needed to jockey the camper around and noticed that the entire sleeping berth had dropped down inside the camper. I didn’t have a clue on how to raise the berth back up in order to sleep. So I took a bottle jack, jacked up the front with the help of another camper and tried to reset the locking system to hold the berth up, which didn’t work. The right side popped right back out but we were able to pull the berth out and set it up for sleep. I immediately took several pictures as shown in the email I sent last Friday, April 15th.

    So I called the claims office and reported this incident. The phone agent wanted to know when it occurred and how it happened. I said, shortly after I left the keys, I noticed a small crack on the passenger side, then when I pulled into the Osceola Forest, I noticed the major damage with the sleeping berth which had dropped.
    Your adjuster Keth Cover, came out and looked over the damage. I explained what had happened and showed him the damage:
    I said it had to have structural damage underneath the bed. The trim molding under the bed (outside) had dropped (bowed) down in the middle and now when it rains, water runs inside the camper and saturates the carpeted step I use to get up into the bed. I showed Keth the water damage on the right side that had come thru the crack in the rear cap(skin).
    I also showed him the damaged ceiling tracks that holds the bed up, and the damage on the right track where a anchor pulled thru the track cracking the track in a star shape.
    I showed Keth the ceiling where the bouncing berth had pulled the ceiling down along with the cracks in the sealer along the batten strips 2 feet ahead of the tracks themselves. This was proof that the ceiling had damage out past the area where the berth hangs when in transit.

    In Mr. Cover’s estimate of damage, he did not allow for any structural repair, only R&R of the rear cap (Skin). nor, did he allow for any repair the inside ceiling or tracks.

    As far as I can tell, the camper frame structure is made up of aluminum except for the rear (and maybe the front) which is made of wood. Why, I don’t know but the damage is underneath ,is not just cosmetic.
    I explained in a earlier letter, along with 12-13 pictures of the damage before I made a temp repair so I could sleep, that I am a 40 year retired auto collision technician and 30 of those teaching this trade in a county career center back in Ohio. So, I do know about cosmetic and the structural damage Mr. Cover missed completely even after I told him about it!

    Now, here is a log of my phone calls to the district office.

    863-619-4872 x 7 (1) missed call April 5, 8:39am & Outgoing call son April 5th:
    8:40 (1) Second; 8:49 (36) seconds; 9:08 (3 min 48 sec); 9:12 (9) seconds & today 3:59 (1 min 48sec) & incoming 4:28pm (56sec)

    862-619-3578 x 9 (1) Incoming call April14, 3:57pm (2 min 14 sec); (1) Missed call April14, 4:05pm; Outgoing call; April 14, 4:05pm (1 min 21sec); April 14,
    4:13pm (39 sec); April 15, 10:01am (33 sec); April15, 10:02 (2min 4sec); April 15, 10:05 (6 sec); & April 19, 3:56pm (1min 58 sec)

    And on two different occasions I called and the phone was answered with the GEICO answering speech and then, a women answers saying something like: Hello this is Tiera Hunter may I help you. I explained who I was and more detail, then she has said on two different occasions, “I’m sorry this is so and so???? , I was just, answering for Tiera. I’ll leave her a message for you.” If she’s not Tiera why answer in her name? Very deceptive!

    So when I called on April 19th, Tiera Hunter told me my claim would be re-appraised by the end of the week, and that was last Friday.

    It’s really sad that a friend of mine had a claim with Progressive, the adjusted was there in no time, and their damage was appraised and taken care of.

    So yes, I’m unhappy with the service of GEICO! So I thought I’d send another letter to you and your corporate office to be safe.

    Thank you for?

    Here is the first letter I sent to Tiera Hunter in Florida.

    To: GEICO Insurance Company
    From: Paul Murray
    Re: Claim Number 0509528980101048-01
    Date: April 15, 2016

    After communicating with you several times as I have very poor cell phone and no internet reception at the campground I currently reside in, here is an explanation as why I am unhappy with GEICO.

    Keth Cover came out to evaluate my damage and I was told this claim would fall under my Collision coverage. Collision coverage states that I have to hit an object or an object had to hit me, but This never happened. GEICO has been notorious to deceive me in the past with other claims. When My camper ran over a rough road a year ago, my right rear RV tire blew and caused $1400+ damage to my camper. I was at first told it would also fall under my collision insurance, but with some discussion with that adjuster, it was filed under my Comprehensive coverage.

    A second claim where an other GEICO commercial client hit my truck, I was told also that I could file this claim under my collision coverage. I laughed and said “What, this was not my fault and I’m not paying $500.00 for someone else’s damage!” Now, a third claim and yet I’m told it would be under my collision coverage. Again, I was pulling my camper down a rough road (Dirt road to the campground), 4 miles from a paved highway and this camper has never been off a paved road before. When I got to the campground I found the damage as you can actually see in the pictures I have attached.

    Mr Cover came out and I showed him all the damage to the rig. I explained that there had to be structural damage to the rear of the camper as the sleeping berth had collapsed the structure below as you can see in the pictures Mr. over and I took, and then I showed him the ceiling damage inside, the busted ceiling track, the damaged anchoring system that held the sleeping berth up, and the water leaks from the rear damage.

    As you can see from the estimate, GEICO is paying:
    (1) hour to R&I the lower tracks. These tracks can not be left anchored while traveling and They are already inside the camper.
    (2) hours to R&I the inside tracks but never a mention of replacing the damaged track on the passenger side where the anchor pulled and damaged the track, plus the anchor system bushing is damaged. I showed the damage to the ceiling where the tracks had pulled the ceiling down clear out in front of the tacks about 2 feet. I showed the water damage where the water runs down the outside of the sleeping berth and to the center underneath and takes the path of least resistance and runs inside down the wall and soaking the built-in step carpeted area and floor.

    (4) hours to R&R the Rear Cap! What, this is the outside cosmetic skin. this will crack again in just a short while w/o any repairs to the damaged structure. As far as I can tell, the camper has aluminum structure except the rear area and it is wood. Why, I do not know but it is!

    Now, I’d like to have an adjuster to come back out and take a closer look at this damage, please? I am a 40 year retired Auto Collision Instructor from our county’s career center in Ohio. My Auto Collision program was the first in OHIO and sixth in the country to be ASE certified in all (5) areas, and I also thought I-CAR for a few years. So I do know a little about non-structural (cosmetic) and Structural damage.

    Please take a look at the pictures as they show the actual berth cocked out at the bottom’ of the outside and pulled away from the inside ceiling.

    If you have any questions, call me? My cell service sucks, so Give me time to go outside into the campground and call you right back. I have to come in town to get internet, sorry!

    Thank you!

  2. William says:

    We trade in a vehicle back in March of 2016 – after trading the vehicle in we call into Geico and switch the new truck over to the Geico policy. The new vehicle came with warranty and extended warranty that we paid for with Nissan. Geico took it upon themselves to add a mechanical breakdown policy the same policy we paid for with Nissan. I ask the Geico rep Brittan for the recording were we verbally agreed to the mechanical break warranty with Geico – the rep from Geico states she do not have the recording. I then ask for something we sign agreeing to the buy the warranty from Geico the rep Brittany cannot give us that. The rep Brittany said she can credit us back one payment of $53.19 for Nov. March through November is what I will like in credit back to my account. Total $ 478.71
    I also see we paying for towing – well this mechanical warranty includes towing. This is not my first time of hearing that Geico does this to people – slamming them. We purchase a new truck that came with everything. To fix this issue please credit back my Geico account $ 478.71 asap. I can be reach at 832-544-9679.
    Also your Customer service reps do not even care about the consumers. Before I file the complaint with the better business bureau and the attorney general please fix this. I work for a large warranty company and we will never slam our customers.

  3. John Amaral says:

    I have been a loyal paying Geico customer for NINE YEARS, I have never been treated so rudely by a company representitive than the way I was treated this evening. i called Geico two weeks ago for a quote on a new vehicle I was interested in purchasing, all the proper information including VIN number were given to the agent to recieve a proper quote for automobile insurance. I based my decision to purchase this $35,000.00 vehicle solely on the information given to me at this time. Fast forward to this evening, i called Geico to activate the prior quote for insurance on the vehicle I purchased, and astonishing to me I was told ” there was never a VIN entered into the system ” and the quote is now $221.00 more per 6 month term than i was quoted. I asked to speak with a member of management and was bewildered by the non caring absoulute lack of emotion shown to me by the so called manager on duty that i was transfered to. When i requested to speak to a member of upper management i was told “there is no one here, theve all gone home, there is no voice mail to be transfered to” she refused to give me her name, and only that she could have someone give me a call in 24-48 hrs??? Really?? This is how your staff is trained to handle a valid customer concern?? Im sorry but i do not accept the ” there is nothing I can do ” answer! The fact that an employee of your operation made a mistake and i should not be the one that sufferes financially due to this error. I expect to be charged the amount i was quoted nothing more, nothing less. I also would like to discuss the way your employees, especially so called members of management talk to customers with valid complaints. My auto policy number is : 4172852248

  4. Chandra Alphabet says:

    I have been a client with Geico for 10 years plus. I must say that I am flabbergasted in the poor handling of my claim for 4/8/2017. I was involved in an accident which was not my fault and used my rental policy with Geico. Geico never finished paying for the rental when they dropped the ball!! Enterprise is now going after me personally for $400.00. I called Geico’s adjuster/supervisor Jackie Hudson who lied and played so many games for 3 months saying they would take care of it. Nevertheless, Geico wont pay the bill and she has stopped answering any of my calls and will not return any of my 10 voicemails. I left a voicemail for corporate and now has called back. This company has taken unprofessional to a new height!!

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