Samsung Thailand Customer Service Number, Office Address, Phone Number – helpline customer support number, email id and website is listed below with the headquarters or other office address, telephone number, and fax number. As this page, we are providing the Samsung Thailand customer service phone number and toll free helpline number of Samsung Thailand.

If you are searching toll free phone number of Samsung Thailand and 24 hours customer care helpline number of Samsung Thailand. So, here we are sharing the full contact information of Samsung Thailand service number and available products by Samsung Thailand.

How to Contact with Samsung Thailand Service Department:

There are several ways to contact with Samsung Thailand customer care representatives such as toll free or non toll free numbers as well as email IDs and corporate or branch offices. Below you can check all detail.

Samsung Thailand Customer Service Contact Details:

Samsung Thailand provides the best customer support and services to the customers with the help of its well trained representatives at customer care office or corporate office. For any customer support information and service request enquiry of Samsung Thailand products and services, the customers can contact at the following contact details given below.

Samsung Thailand Toll Free Number: 1800-29-3232 (for landline only)

Samsung Thailand Customer Support Number: 0-2689-3232

Samsung Thailand Technical Support Number: NA

Samsung Thailand Customer Support Timings: Everyday 24 hours (except public holidays)

Samsung Thailand Customer Service Email: click here

Samsung Thailand Corporate Office Contact Detail:
  • Samsung Thailand Main Office Address: Samsung Electronics Thailand, Empire Tower Building, 1st Floor, 33-35 South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
  • Samsung Thailand Main Office Phone Number: 0-2695-9000
  • Samsung Thailand Main Office Fax Number: 0-2670-2266
  • Samsung Thailand Main Office Email ID: NA

Official Website:

5 thoughts on “Samsung Thailand Customer Service Number, Office Address, Phone Number

  1. When Samsung gear s3 frontier arriving central festival pattaya i want one as soon as available,price please
    also i cannot get a otg adapter/cable from any Samsung shop, and wont use 3rd party due to warranty issues.


  2. I bought Note 7(359949070457747) in Hong Kong on 7OCT,2016.
    I bought Note 7 at Samsung Partner Shop, 33 Des Voux Rd.,Central HK.
    I paid with my VISA card Total amount:6,796.00 HK$(Note 7-6,198.00 HK$+ Note 7 value pack- 598.00 HK$)in THB 32,439.88
    I live in Thailand. My name is Mr. Maksims Karelics.
    I am not planning to fly to Hong Kong(and even now it is impossible on board of airplane with Note 7 anymore) and I would like to receive my money back.
    Please, write me what kind of solution you offer to me?
    I contacted Samsung HK by phone +852 3698 4698 twice on 17OCT and 23OCT. I still no have answer what to do in my case.
    My cell number +66895441318,
    Best regards.
    Maksims Karelics

  3. bought Samung s 7 edge in bangkok come home and put in the SIM card but the phone can not the region switched phone and what do I do to unlock it

  4. Hello everyone, I just to share with you very bad experience with the Samsung Customer service located at Central Rama 9. Yesterday (July 14, 2017) around 11:45 before lunch break, I asked the customer service staff who assigned to assist me, to know and check my tablet, because the other night it was not recharging battery, I didn’t figure out or suspect that the battery could be the problem, because just last January 28, 2017, I brought it to Samsung service center at Fortune town just the opposite of Central Rama 9 mall, the battery was replaced as I requested though it was not the problem, the problem was the LCD broken. To continue my bad experience, the staff entered in one room, maybe in the technician room, then as he went out to see me, he was holding a paper, that already have a price to pay, he asked me to pay it, because he said the main board must changed but I was wondering why? and the technician did not open it or did not check it carefully what was really the problem, just a few minutes, the customer service presenting a piece of paper with prices, WOW, it was absolutely terrible, I never experience this bad treatment to other service center the one located at Fortune town mall, before the customer service told me the price to pay, It took 3 weeks because according to her the technician needs to check the damaged of my tablet. BUT come on why is it in Central rama 9 is very quick just a few minutes, without opening and checking my tablet, they already knew that the problem was the Main board. Then I was so irritated and angry, I told him and explained many things, then the customer service staff, offered a price amounting to 750 baht, he said, okay Sir, we will try to check the problem as I was interacted and insisted angrily, then he processed a piece of paper asked me to pay 107 baht ( for what?) what is 107 baht? ok not so much, I agreed, then he said wait for 3-4 hours I will receive a call if the tablet completely done. One thing, I agreed to continue to repair because as he said, just pay 750 baht for the repair service, he didn’t mention any other charges, so I was completely agreed. I came back after 4 hours, a new Customer service approached me, I was looking for that guy, I cannot see him there anymore, one thing I noticed, they do not have a name plate so I do know the name of that staff who assisted me, they should have a name plate, anyway for sure the CCTV can actually show and prove everything. Then that new staff presenting me a new paper maybe as official receipt for me to pay, the amount was different, it was 1,228 baht, then I wasn’t prepared, I only have 1, 200 baht in my pocket, but they accepted it, then they said they will not give me any receipt, so it ended up the transaction no official receipt, hey guys, are you doing your job well? any transaction, must have official receipt, remember the customer pays, so he must get the receipt as proof of payment for that particular services. I am looking forward to someone in the position to conduct investigation and make a surprise audit to all the transaction and daily or even review the previous transactions, well my conclusion was that sounds something bad happening in this office, Not all your customer is stupid, that will only pay and goodbye thank you. I will address this problem to all your branches. you have CCTV and as well I have all the documents. I am not doing this for any reason, but please comply with your high standards, I believe this is not a mistake, this intentional and hidden purpose.

  5. continuation of the bad experience from Samsung Service center, without checking what was really the problem why my table is not recharging battery, the customer staff already concluded and said that the main board must be replaced, then I disagreed and insisted to please recheck, give time to check it out first, but the staff who printed a paper with amount of the Main board price a total of 7, 128 baht, he said pay first then we can do it now. then I said NO!!! the main board NO problem, only the connector or the part of the table that use connect to charger, then as I calm down, he offered another price of 750, for me to agree that he will check it then once done, just pay the 750 baht, after 3 hours, to claim it, then a new price and paper amounting to 1,228 baht asked me to pay, but the truth was there was no problem with the MAIN board as he was saying before, sound suspicious and I doubt with the people there, one thing also, they received the payment amounting to 1,200 from me, they did not issue OR, no official receipt , then I got my tablet done, not the main board is the problem, if i am not stupid customer, maybe I have paid the main board price but that was not the problem of my phone, maybe they are selling the main board, they do not do the repair service, I really hate that. I just realized, how come the main board is the problem of my tablet, the other not one thing I noticed was my tablet was running out of battery then I was trying to recharge many time but it didn’t recharge, but even the battery was almost 10% I turn it off then turn it on again but still working the only problem I found was it was not recharging, then the customer service staff in that office trying to say my main board where in fact the technician did not open it yet for check of the internal parts, SO now it is very clear in my mind, the SOP maybe if the customer has a problem with any products not only tablet, tell immediately to the customer a major problem then sell the main boar or those expensive parts even not necessary to replace. I really need to contact whoever the in charge of over all customer management. then my tablet is now okay, no main board problem after paying the 1,200 service charge, hahahaha easy to create money. maybe I suspect the head office of Samsung do not know this kind of wrong doings, they must think any possible bad way of their staff, because they can easily earn money by that kind of transaction. Very easy, if the customer have the problem charge any amount then for sure the customer will pay just for the sake of his tablet or phone get done and repaired. I am writing this fucking very bad experience to wake up the mind of all the customers, not only maybe Samsung, Be smart customer, think First, and be wise. Anyway I have the copy of the first receipt amounting to 7,128 baht that showing main board price, but not the main board is the problem.

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