Verizon Wireless Corporate Headquarters HQ Address, Phone Number, Email– toll free helpline number, and with reviews and all other important information is available here. If you like telecommunication services like mobile telephony, wireless internet services, etc. and always enjoy, but some time you face probem during access. So, you search customer support department for queries and complaints.

So, for this purpose we are here to tell you how you can get customer support for your wireless queries. Verizon head office team also helps you to find out nearest Verizon Wireless service providers in the United States. Here, we are providing all important information like how to contact Verizon wireless corporate main office department, how to get Verizon wireless corporate customer support, etc. You can find here Verizon wireless corporate phone number and contact details, Verizon wireless corporate office Email, Verizon wireless corporate head office helpline number, etc. We are here providing information something through this post and something through external links.

How to contact Verizon Wireless Corporate Headquarters Team

The head office team is avaialble to help you every time, you can get customer support through several ways including visit at office, phone number, email, live chat, as well as FAQ section. You can use any one option for your any type of query, complaint and feedback.

Contact Verizon Wireless Headquarters by Phone and Email:

Verizon Corporate Office Address:

1 Verizon Way, Basking Ridge,

New Jersey 07920, United States

Verizon Corporate Office Number: +1-908-559-5490

About Verizon:

Verizon Wireless is the subsidiray company of Verzion Communications Inc that was started in 2002. It is headquartered in New Jersey, operating over 2330 locations. Verizon Wireless has more than 133.5 million fully satisfied subscribers, using services for years. What Provides Verzion Wireless: The company in the telecom industry offers services like mobile telephony, wireless internet, as well as cell phones and plans, etc. To know all about Verzion, you can check below mentioned important links.

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41 thoughts on “Verizon Wireless Corporate Headquarters HQ Address, Phone Number, Email

  1. Dear Verizon,

    My name is Cesar Lopez, I am a veteran two tours, an American with Disabilities (not service related) and a World Trade Center Survivor/Responder. I am currently out on medical leave due to WTC related illnesses. My wife and I have spoken to Financial Services Dept who have understanding to a degree. I have been having a tough time keeping up with all my bills including my Verizon bill, which includes family cell phones and home service combined. Over the last several months Verizon has turned off my service understanding and noted that customer service staff can not make arrangements with us once it is in their dept. Unfortunately we have been in the middle, customer service says one thing and financial services says something else. Neither of them speak with each other and claim they can not see each others screens, and the situation has gotten to the point that even right after I make a payment a week later my service is turned off and the circle starts all over again. I am at the point where I am thinking of contacting eyewitness news or 7 on your side for help. The situation is adding to my WTC related illnesses and I really don’t know what to do. If Verizon can’t work with us then please stop the harassment of excepting our payment and then shutting off the service anyway just to charge us more money to reactivate service. Please can someone in corporate look into this matter and help us with a payment plan to catch up anything but this ridiculous situation that keeps going back and forth.

  2. I have been a long time customer of Verizon, as of 11/25/2016 i am ashamed to say that I am a customer of Verizon. Did the Black Friday iphone 7 upgrade and at a corporate store in 8306 north oxford street kansas city Missouri. I have had nothing but problems. 1st the associate that was to help us bypassed and went to someone else. 2nd he got the wrong iphone 7 had to start all over. 3. talked us into a ipad mini promotion and got the wrong one. 4. took our iphone 5 for trade in on the line and was told it would take 2 billing cycles to see the credits. Guess what, he failed to put the iphone 5 upgrade in the system and now i have to wait another 3 months but the manager tonight says, stephanie, ” you will get a credit back to your account once the proper paperwork goes through” i call Bullshit….you should not be having this problem at all. she refused to give me corporate number only that i have a correspondent address. No lady I want someone that is sitting in that nice comfortable chair to pick up a phone and call. They cant be that damn busy to assist their customers that they raping with these mistakes. I started my call at 618pm on 1/9/2017 and at 726pm i was so damn frustrated I ended the call.
    then the guy at the corporate office takes away the promotion that i had and i had to call and fight for that to be put back on their, that was not easy. The lady on the other end says well that promotion is no longer available, well i guess i will take my business elsewhere and guess what that promotion just magically appeared. Come on Verizon get your shit together and make it right. we should not have to call in every single month to get something fixed.
    the phone is worth X amount of dollars – the trade in of X amount of dollars, show the base price of the phone – the X amount of dollars for trade in = balance of phone. then so much till the end of the damn contract you put us in. We should not have to wait 3 months for it show up and it doesnt and we have to fight for it. then wait again. who suffers your customers. Make it right……Giver your managers a little more pull to make it right because even some of them know that you are raping your customers. I dont want an email, i dont want a letter, i want some from Corporate Office to call, that means wake your pencil pushing ass up and pick up the phone and be considerate and understanding of the mistakes that are being made and that the fact of the matter you are losing people that have been loyal to your service that are now leaving due to the fact that your employees are messing up and we are paying for it…
    here is my phone number which will do no good at all but it is worth a shot..

    • I am not going to go into all the problems I have been having with Verizon after reading the reviews. I have been with you for 30 plus years I have recommend Verizon to plenty of friends and family. When I started with you customer service could not be beat they went above and beyond to fix the problem. Now after all of the horrible service I have had in this last year and after reading the reviews I realized that Verizon has gotten so big that you don’t really care about your customers all thats important is how much money you are making but you are forgetting how you made it!!ยก!!!!!!!! I have 5 months Left on my contract and will be leaving Verizon I have been scammed by the store associates this last upgrade unbelievably and it has continued this whole year and it doesn’t matter even if you get to talk to corporate nobody cares if you loose a few customers but eventually you will no longer be number 1. Maybe you should start looking at the reviews. I would like to think that I will be contacted by anyone with some authority. Thank you Sandra Lewis

  3. VERIZON DEFRAUDS!! Been with them 2 months, HIGH SPEED DATA usage only last 1 week, I shut off data after being on FB , I am in process of complaint to Fed.Trade Com. and Fed.Communications Com. Does no good to complain to verizon corp. office as they transfer your call to customer service in North Korea to kim un koon who then transfer to Iran . You catch my drift, This is my service being a new customer of 2 months . ANYONE WHO SWITCHES TO FRAUDIZON BETTER THINK TWICE,, I probably am not the only one . I spread my cheeks they screw , I dont even get a kiss !

  4. I need to speak with someone about a sells person that lied n con us n when we went back she wasn’t want nice and act like it was are fault and not hers and we still didn’t get everything settled I would like to talk to someone so I am can I get this. Matter settled r I will go with another company r just call check 2 news cuz with all the complaints i just read its unreal and the high money I pay with Verizon I will not take this situation lying down someone better fix my problem

  5. I need someone from corp office to contact me as I got service on June 2 2017. Ya’ll are crooks and trying to still money and my cell phone. the cell number is (252)412-8136 or 252 364-8450. I will not be a victom i will see justice one way or another.

  6. My issue is Verizon corpirate vs Authorized retail store. The authorized retail store and call center is not disclosed and mislead. No receipt was sent for my iPhone and I cannot get apple to help me without it.. the low level reps Lie and refused to transfer to a supervisor. Beware of this switch and bait.

  7. We have been a customer since 2009 and your service has gone down. I don’t get service at my house like I used to I have miss calls drop calls.and the bill is crazy i pay over 200 a month for unlimited and one month it was over 300. I can go to straight talk for 45.00 a month for unlimited and it picks up at my house I was to that you all would check in on the towers and get back with me that was months a go and I had to set up a payment plan because I could not call because of the service I used my laptop to do a live chat and set it up and after I made a payment you all turn off our phone. I have had it with your service. You all need to remember that the customer is the one that pays your checks.

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